Papers On Demand is a label of Edicions a Petició, SL, an editorial services company established in 2003 as a SpinOff from the University of Girona and also owner of the Papers amb Accent, a stamp that publishes literature and essay in Catalan, and Documenta Universitaria, dedicated to printing under the order of university books.

Papers On Demand is dedicated to the dissemination of general content texts. Publishes literary texts and studies, as well as bulletin boards and local magazines.

Papers On Demand offers its collaboration to authors who wish to publish without the formal obligations of the publishing world. In its publications, POD wants to maintain a basic language and formal structure that obliges the publisher to satisfy a process of direct intervention in the prepress of the title (spell checking, style, design, composition and layout ... ). The expenses that this process generates to the author are compensated by POD in the promotion and distribution of the title and in the remuneration in the form of commission on each one of the units sold.

By publishing, POD also wants to satisfy the author who does not want the intervention of the publisher in the set of tasks pre-stamping the title. In this way, POD puts at the disposal of the author the effectiveness and solvency of the digital printing without having to take any other expense than the one that generates the issue of the desired copies.



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